About us


Established in 1975, Coelho da Fonseca has progressively developed into one of the biggest and most reputable Real Estate Consulting Agencies in Brazil.

Thanks to the constant investments in technology, prime service facilities and training programs, the company has grown to be the first agency of this industry to be granted an ISO 9001:2000 certification in Brazil.

Private Brokers is a highly specialized division, coordinated by the Coelho da Fonseca CEO, Álvaro Coelho da Fonseca. In order to keep such a high quality standard for the services we provide, every division of Coelho da Fonseca is subject to periodic inspections carried out by independent and in-house auditors.

Our commitment in doing our best, leads to the extremely positive perception the market has on us.

Nowadays, Coelho da Fonseca stands for trustworthiness, reliability and high-level expertise.